The full range was made to meet the needs of birds and their descendants.

The Brunet products offer you wide range of pates that can accompany your birds all year round. Depending on the bird species you breed and the period of use, our range offers you multiple feeding solutions. You have the choice between 10 different formulas.

The Club with a 19% protein offers a basic solution that can be improved with fat or Orni-Flor, see both. Pâtée élevage plus is specially made to be distributed after the hatching of the young until weaning. To then go on the weaning and maintenance pie. You also have two pies, insectivore and frugivore. For parrot breeders, there you have two specific products, the clubhouse and with Orni Flor.

All mash can be distributed alone or in addition to other ingredients such as apple, sprouted seeds etc ...

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