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What we do

la Bourse Virtuelle d'Ideal Nutricare

Eleveurs, comme vous le savez, suite à la situation COVID en France toutes les bourses sont suspendues jusqu'à nouvel ordre.
Pour pallier à l'annulation des bourses, Ideal-Nutricare vous offre la possibilité de vendre vos oiseaux.
Nous vous proposons de les soumettre en ligne sur notre site ideal-nutricare.com. Cette bourse est ouverte uniquement aux éleveurs déclarés.

Why choose us

Ideal Nutricare - Spécialistes dans l'alimentation pour oiseaux



As a manufacturer, we are committed to using the best raw materials and ingredients.


Know how

The Brunet range has been extensively tested by different breeders.



At your service, we are here to advise you on the choice of the product according to the species of your birds.



As a manufacturer, we master the development of our products.


Champions products

The distinguished birds in the different championships are very often fed with products from the Brunet range.



Ideal-Nutricare employees put at your disposal their expertise in animal nutrition.

Who we are

Ideal Nutricare - Bird Food Specialists

Ideal-Nutricare has taken over the manufacturing and marketing of the Brunet range, which has been known to bird breeders for 25 years.

By visiting our site, you will find a range developed by bird nutrition specialists. Products known and recognized for their efficiency and the well-being of your birds. We manufacture all of our range, so contact us because the Brunet range is the DNA of Ideal-Nutricare.

By ordering on our site, you will be delivered under mail at your home within 72 hours.

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